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A Partership between  Metanoia and Corpus Collusm

Metanoia is a Community Development Corporation (CDC) located in the heart of the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood in North Charleston, South Carolina. Although we began primarily serving in our Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood, recently we have expanded our efforts to include all of southern North Charleston. We received our 501c3 non-profit designation in 2004.

At Metanoia we focus on finding strengths, or assets, in neighborhoods and using them as building blocks for the eventual success of some of our region’s most distressed communities. These could be in the form of people (human assets) or places/organizations/things (physical assets).

Corpus Callosum is an educational non-profit organization that uses entrepreneurship to engage students in their learning. We take what students are learning in school and create relevant, real world applications of that knowledge and skill - tapping into the expertise within local businesses to help students create successful companies.

Through this process, students see how the skills and knowledge they are learning in school apply to their success in life. We use whole-brain learning activities, integrating all subject areas and the arts, as we “Dream It! Fix It! Build It! Grow It!.” Our vision is to be the intersection of private sector business and lowcountry students, where community leaders of today can help teach our most valuable resource - the leaders of tomorrow.